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Locksmith Peoria is the best and most recommended locksmith service in the city, and not just because we offer efficient and affordable solutions, but because we are the only ones with a personalized customer service. Right after the establishment of the Luke Air Force Base in Maricopa county, there was a huge population increase in the area. A lot of new buildings started appearing as Peoria became a popular place to live and make business. Suddenly, security specialists were needed and it was really expensive to bring them all the way down from Phoenix. Locksmith Peoria started shyly, serving just small contractors and homeowners. Soon, our prices and professionalism attracted the attention of bigger clients. Back in 1970, we felt the need to cover more ground as Peoria started to feel more and more like a city. We started a strict screening procedure in order to hire the best and most capable workers in the area, and opened our own training facility, one of the better equipped in Arizona. Finally, we opened our downtown headquarter so we could be in the center of the action, but also acquired a whole mobile units fleet to make sure we could always be five minutes away from any of our loyal customers. As many cities in the US, Peoria fell victim of crime during the 80s. This posed a big challenge for us as security specialists, so we made sure we were up to date with the most advanced security technologies in the market. Our training facility was reequipped and modernized to include a big R&D division in charge of looking for new ways to protect our houses, cars and businesses. Our mission is to keep our city safe and attractive for business. We are proud of having been part of the development of Peoria as a prosperous and thriving community.

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